**To date, Chaljeri Meats, Paleo-Pack's parent company, and its customers have contributed over 7,414 pounds of meat through the City Harvest program! Please email us at to find out how you could help!

-Paleo-Pack Team



Paleo Packs take the guess work out of your nutrition. All of our beef is local, grass-fed and finished. The most holistic and natural farming techniques are used on our farm in Callicoon, NY to produce the highest quality, USDA inspected meat. No anti-biotics, no hormones, no shortcuts.

Sign up for one of our Paleo Plans and we'll bring a Paleo Pack straight to one of our affiliate locations each month. It'll be waiting for you after your WOD.  Deliveries are always the first Tuesday of the month.  We can also deliver outside of the listed locations just email us at:  Our current affiliated gyms are:


Crossfit Dynamix - Delivering November 1st, 2016   

Reebok Crossfit 5th Ave - Delivering November 1st, 2016   

Crossfit Stamford - Delivering November 1st, 2016  

Crossfit Solace - Delivering November 1st, 2016  

Crossfit EVF UES - Delivering November 1st, 2016  


Callicoon, NY